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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A few days in

So the past few days have been extremely busy.  We had a barbecue on sunday with the old interns to celebrate out last day of vacation. Monday was the busiest day yet. Orientation was boring but essential since we had to fill out all the forms as some point, I think we filled out about 20 forms or more, but at least they gave us lunch :).  At night we got our cars, I have a Mazda 3 with automatic windows and a thremometer.  It actually drivses pretty well when you don't drive with the parking brake on , but that's another story.  So we all drove to costco and bought some bulk food.  Since I looked at the map earlier that day I was able to get us a couple of miles to Walmart to get household stuff.  Afterwards we went back to the apartment and I had some snacks for dinner, since I was still full from lunch.  I tried to activate my cell phone but aparently I had to go to the store because it was a special activation.  So today I planned on going to the cingular store after work.  Today began as usual, went to breakfast and the gym, then we went to work and punched in as early as possible (so we get paid more).  I finally got to see what Iwill be doing and I have a lot of stuff to learn.  Apparently they expect me to learn everything in 4 months, there's everything from hardware to software involved so I will hopefully get to use everything I learned in school.  The tour today was definitely impressive, I got to see some of the amazing labs Iwill spend some time in during my year here.  After work I went to the cingular store and was met with some good news and some bad news.  Good news was I was able to get the $20/month unlimited plan I wanted, even though with my phoneI should be paying $45/mnth.  Bad thing is sinceI have no american credit history I had to pay a $500 deposit, which I'll get back in a year.     Now believe you me I tried everything possible to not have pay a stupid $500 depostit,but there's nothing I could do,I even offered to pay the entire year of service upfront, but it's just not possible.  Apparently you can only get Pay as you go plans without a deposit.  The bestIcould do is get a month to month NO contract plan, so I can leave easier and change my plan.  I also got 1000, one thousand minutes, a month free mobile to mobile minutes.  I even phoned customer service and therereally is nothing they can do about the $500, the best I can hope for is that the canadian dollar gets worse next year so I will be some money whenI convert the $500 back to canadian dollars.  This weekend is a long weekend and I started talks about going to Six Flags or San Francisco. Since some old interns are going to SanDiego and some new interns will be going too, Six Flags has to wait until next weekend.  I might end up going to San Francisco with some friends or just end up looking for apartments.  

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