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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cars, Condos, and of course work

Wow, things have been busy and everyone is too tired to play basketball so I have a chance to write.  A lot has happened, first thing is appartments.  We had such bad luck with appartments (we being Anuj, Alister, and me), every place we liked got taken 12-24 hours before we called to take it.  We ended jumping on a place we saw on craigslist.  We're staying in Sunnyvale, about 15-20 minutes from work, in a 1450 sq. foot condo.  It has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (2 showers) a kitchen with a pantry, a family room  AND a living room.  It's also close to our best friends (about 2 minutes) so that's another plus. 

Second thing, I bought a car.  A 1998 Mazda Protege, obviously not a brand new ferrari but it's decent.  It's got low mileage, everything automatic, recent checkup (brakes, battery, etc... were replaced), Ilike it.  And I bought it from an old intern so if he tries to rip me off I know where to find him! lol.  

 So we're leaving Oakwood (which I'll post pictures at some point) on June 18th, but we get the condo on the 11th giving us a lot of time to move.  And I get the car on the 20th, the day our rentals are due back.  Moving is the next step, we have to get a lot of stuff.  I've been going to the gym at night now with my friends but the new condo doesn't have a gym so I'll probably get a small home gym, which will definitely not fit in the Protege.  

 This weekend I'm going to Yosemite national park with the rest of the interns.  It will be a long trip and a long hike but the views will be outstanding, or so I here.  After that we have to plan for our shutdown trip at then end of june/beginning of july.  Looks like we're going to the grand canyon, las vegas, san diego, las angelos and up highway 1.  

 Work is going well, I'm taking on a lot of responsibilities and I think I'll do well here.  

That's all for now, of course more to come, I'll definitely post pictures from Yosemite. 

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