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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am very busy right now, writing this on part of my lunch break.  So over the weekend I moved into my new condo.  I had to drive the uhaul truck, which wasn't that bad, it makes driving a normal car seem so easy!  Then a few more trips to IKEA, walmart, etc... and we were all set.  There are so many things we had to get that we forget about, like garbage cans.  I got lucky again and found a 32" LCD tv at best buy for $300 (Alister actually bought it) so now we have two HDtvs in our house.  I am happy that I can still get HDTV from the basic cable line, and we tried an antenna which works pretty well too.  After countless trips here and there and lots of sweat assembly IKEA stuff, things are starting to slow down a bit.  However, in the meantime I've been overseeing the summer road trip which is a lot of work, but good practice for my management skills. 

The rental car lease ends tommorow, however are car got taken back today.  I say "got taken" back rather than brought back because I lost the keyes somehow (they fell out my pocket while carrying stuff to and from the apartment) and the car got towed back to the rental company.  Luckily my friends picked us up and i made it on time to sign up for my car insurance (but I didn't tell them I just lost my keys, just in case, lol).  I have all the documentation ready to pick up my new car tommorow and also a better keychain.  

That's all for now, cya,


P.S. why is so hard to find a microwave, hardly any stores sell them here! 


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