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Monday, July 2, 2007

Road Trip 2 Six Flags

six Flags was great! i'm writing from the car on the way home. this place has so may good roller coaster, each would challenge Wonderland's best. Here are my top 4. 4. superman, short but sweet, you get launched up a vertical platform then dropped back down again backwards. 3. Goliath, this has 250 foot drop and hits 85mph, so fast you almost blackout. 2. Tatsu, this ride tilts you back so that all the drops and loops are head first. 1. X, this ride is insane, they advertise as the most intense ride there. the seats allow you to spin forward and backword, but in a very controlled way. the highlight is at the beginning, a face firt 100% VERTICAL drop about 175 feet,, you cant't describe it, the only to understand it it to live, seeing it can't even describe it. so thatms six flags. tommorow were at universal studios so i'm sure wemll have a lot to say. cya.

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