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Thursday, March 27, 2008

6 Months in 10 Minutes

I guess I should start out with a quick overview of how the past six months have been, since that's about when I suddenly stopped blogging.   Work has been busy.  Things settled down as I began to understand my role in the company and what "high priority" really means (a word I hear too often).  At the same time I got better and better at what I do so I'm being more productive in general.  I've been given projects of my own to work and done a good job.  Something I really enjoy is interviewing candidates for next year's intern.  This is great experience to see things from the other perspective.  Engineering interviews are notorious for their open ended, solutionless, brain teasers and other problems, so it's invaluable to finally understand what people are looking for when they ask these questions.   The influence of school never seams to go away, no matter how far away I am.  I've picked courses for next year, voted in elections, and spoken to professors, 2500 miles away... the Internet has really changed things.  Making use of my "part-time" status I was able to enter the 2008 Interactive Brokers Olympiad, a contest to develop a 100% automated stock trading program and make the most money.  I placed 11th out of Canadians in the contest which means I get $1000, no David you can't have a portion, we went over this. While all this is going on I've been volunteering at VLAB( ).  I help run and plan events where CEOs and technology experts come to dicuss the latest trends.  I'm helping plan the May 2008 event on a topic called "Crowdsourcing", just last week I had a conference call with the CEO and the President of a small company, and tommorow I'll be speaking with a writer for Wired magazine.  I love helping out at VLAB and I encourage any body interested to check out the video from past events at the VLAB website. Really, I'm used to Engineering Science so obviously this isn't enough stuff going on.  So In my spare time, me and two of firends are working on a top secret website.  It won't change the world but it could have a big impact on keen college students looking to get the most out of their internships, definitely more to come VERY soon! So that's what I've done, but really all this has impacted more than any of you could ever imagine, more to come on this subject, so stayed tuned! -Michael  

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