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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

So Earth Hour is today.  To summarize, Earth Hour is promoted by the WWF and will take place today from 8PM to 9PM: the point is to turn off your lights for one hour to promote being green.  Now I'm not talking about Kermit or Shrek, I'm talking about saving energy and promoting efficiency.   Earth Hour reminds me of the blackout from a few years ago, one of the coolest days ever!  Well at least I think it was because you could see all the stars normally hidden by the glowing buildings of city life.  Also, the day I got my wisdom teeth out, haha.   Although Earth Hour is about general conservation/reduction of energy, a key part of their goal is alternative energy.  Many of you (...well at this point "you" is probably only a few people...) know I have a good amount of money invested in solar companies so maybe I'm bias but I really think the technology will ready in the next 5-10 years to overtake the mean-old coal power plant.  So everyone who supports alternative energy don't give up, we're almost there! Now for a quick commentary... will Earth Hour work?  I think absolutely! There are definitely people who truly care about being green, but for all those who just follow the trends, Earth Hour will definitely get them on the bandwagon.  It's probably the first green event that many would consider "cool", ever.  Groups of people from all over are joining together, including about 5% of all the Facebook users in the world, to raise awareness for this event.  Once you've penetrated the high school/university crowd (the leaders of tomorrow) you know you've made a step in the right direction.  So yes, Earth Hour will work, and I truly believe it will be the first of many! -Michael    

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