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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

5 years ago and 5 years from now

Inspired by a recent Facebook note I read, I'm writing about how my life was 5 years ago and how I think it will be 5 years from now. If anything this will make me feel nostalgic 5 years from now. Also I'm including technology references because technology is a good/funny marker to look back on 5 years from now. 5 Years Ago: I was at Lord Elgin high school, in between first and second year of IB. I was about to start Physics in summer school since I couldn't fit it in regular school. I carpooled to school everyday with Eric and Bart. I was in the school band, debate club, school reach team, and youth in action. I was still coaching hockey, and I think that year we had the Blue team and finished 2nd place. Work wise I did timekeeping for hockey to makes some money and I still had my paper route, which everyone made fun of me for, haha. Friends wise, I still mostly hung out with my middle school friends from before I switched over to IB at Lord Elgin. Technology wise, I had my first good laptop which was $2000 and the cheapest one I could find, we got out first 1.2 megapixel giant digital camera, which by today's standards would be no better than a $10 keychain digicam. Today: I 'm in Silicon Valley for a 13 month internship, doing programming at Actel Corporation. I'm still a student at University of Toronto in EngSci - Computer Option and will be graduated next year in 2009. I don't do any clubs at school, mostly because I live so far away. Here, I am volunteering for VLAB ( and I love doing that! I didn't coach hockey this year and unfortunately my brother's team didn't do so well, I guess they need me, haha. Work wise, well that's pretty obvious, but one thing that's the same is that I'm as ambitious as ever, and I plan on actually starting a company very soon, we'll be launching a website in the coming months that could easily turn into a decent business. Friends-wise, I hang out with my fellow interns and we watch movies, I make them cookies, play games, go shopping, go on mini trips around California, play roller hockey. Technology wise, haha well things have changed, I've got an iPod shuffle (thanks Dave) but I mostly use a Palm TX for watching video and music on the go. I've got a cell phone with unlimited internet and email, etc.. (it's $19.99 a month, 5 years from know I think I'll be laughing at this price). Computer wise I've got a mini desktop that's powerful and a 32 inch LCD monitor/TV. Something I really have come to love is my webcam, I see video communication becoming more and more prevalent in the coming years. 5 years from now: I love this section, so much opportunity for one really know what will happen but it's fun to dream! I'll be running my own company that I founded from the ground up or started up with other students. I'll have recently got a Master's from Stanford and met some of the smartest people ever there, some of which I'll be working with in my company. I'll still be helping out at VLAB and maybe work my way up, if I have time, at the minimum I'll chair some events. Friends wise, I'll be keeping in touch will all my old university friends, and my new university friends. For fun I bet I'll still be going to movies, maybe have season tickets for some hockey team, maybe be going to those fun parties and conferences for the Silicon Valley elite. Relationship wise, well that's an open book, but you how I am, I leave these things to fate, I won't force anything that's not going to work, so I have no idea what’s going to happen 5 years from now. Technology wise, I'll probably be carrying around a device that's have the size of an ipod an just as powerful as the computers of today and wherever I am I'll be able to interface it with some kind of display device (maybe the ground, glasses, or walls) to see relevant information for the context (ads, news, emails, funny videos on youtube). I bet that my phone and internet will finally be all in that same device and service will be some fixed price, probably like $30 a month unlimited use. Anyways, that's enough writing for now, be back soon!  -Michael

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