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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Facebook Lexicon

Wow, I just found out about this Facebook Lexicon:,%20hangover.   It's really cool you can compare the frequency of different words in their occurrence on people's walls/other discussion boards on Facebook.   The sample query is party vs hangover and not surpisingly the day after party is a popular word the use of the word hangover increases drastically.   Why is this so cool?   Finally a social network is showing us the power of their data.   For example searching "coke" vs "pepsi" shows a much higher popularity of the word "coke".   This is exactly the kind of information that makes Facebook a multi billion dollar company,   implicit in the structure of the social network is a gold mine of advertising data! I can go on and on with examples like comparing tv shows, movies, brand names, etc...   One can even imagine Facebook encroaching on part of 23andMe's dream of building scientifically significant relationships between people's lifestyles and their health.   My only question is why is Facebook giving this little preview of their data away for free to all users?   Well the only answer I can think of is that deep inside Facebook must be even more valuable data, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Cya, Michael

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