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Monday, April 28, 2008

GRE Practice 3

Issue: "It is dangerous to trust only intelligence" This is a topic that has been parodied so many times on television and in the movies.   A group of nerds is entrusted with all the serious decisions and what do they do?   They over think eveything and come up with some puzzling results.   I believe it's true, that it is indeed dangerous to trust only intelligence.   We humans are rationale and we have accomplished so much through the intelligence of some great minds.   Great, world-changing ideas will continue to come from intelligence.   But the thing is, is that intelligence is impractical, it's a way of arriving at beautiful solutions to abstractions of real life.   The problem is human emotion: the unpredictable force that causes us to do things for absolutely no intelligible reason at all.   Intelligence as an independant identiy isn't dangerous, but in the real world, "street smarts" or a gut feeling is what gets through the day "safely".   The world we live in is a place were people make commitments they never plan on keeping, where someone can rob a store for no reason, or shoot off a gun in the middle of the street.   We live in a living, breathing society that's continuously adapting and changing, one that can't be ruled by intelligence alone.   Again, intelligence is great for academia, where we try to solve big picture hypothetical problems that we make up, and of course this has value, but to use this in real life doesn't work.   I've learned from first hand experience that managing a large and diverse group of people only works by using the most basic, simple rules, that everyone can and is willing to follow.   Alright, so I know this response needs more examples and such, but a few weeks from now when I've practiced more I'll WOW you with my insight, guaranteed :) cya, Michael  

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