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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quick Update

I promised to write every few days so I'll write a quick update, even though not much is new. Here's what's new since my last update. So the top secret web project is really starting to come together and we're committing to launching in the first half of May.   It's very exciting to see the launch date in sight after months of hard work.   In terms of VLAB, there's going to be a great event this Tuesday featuring 23andMe.   The event is about companies that will analyze your DNA and keep you updated on diseases that you have a predisposition for, including ways to reduce your risk factor.   23andMe has appeared all over the country on TV, news, conferences, etc... so it's really exciting to have the co-founder presenting.   For "my" event in May, things are coming along, it's looking like a good event with some very enthusiastic speakers. I've still been working about 10 hours a day so other than the above not much is new.   But I still love it here, the weather is still beautiful (we hit close to 30). I'll be coming home pretty soon, about 2 and a half months now, so I'll probably be talking about that in the next few weeks. Cya, Michael

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