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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Inspired :-)

I just got back from the VLAB April event called DNA for Dollars.   I mentioned in my last post that 23andMe was presenting, and we were fortunate enough to get one of their competitors, Navigenics, on the panel as well.   When the idea for this event was first brought up several months ago the idea was to do a women and biotech event.   As we began to get turned down over and over by potential panelists it was actually kind of funny that we ended up with an all women's panel.   I think 23andMe really shinned, Linda Avey, co-founder, began with a 15 minute presentation on what 23andMe does.   For $999 they will send you a kit in the mail and analyze your DNA.   They'll then present all sorts of information to you in a fun to use GUI ranging from certain physical attributes (earlobes, eye color, etc...) to ancestry, to potential risks for diseases.   One neat feature that seemed to catch people's attention was that you can see how much of your DNA is common between you and your siblings/family and what those commonalities mean or don't mean.   After the presentation the other co-founder Anne Wojcicki, Sergey Brin (Google co-founder)'s wife, joined the panel, so 23andMe really had a strong presence. I was really excited to be so close to the founders of these companies.   I had heard about these companies months ago and seen these people on the Today show and never really thought I would meet them some day.   I can't wait for Google's shareholder's meeting!   All this really makes me see that anything is possible and that starting a successful company and executing on my vision is not out of the question.   Rather, it all seems so much simpler and so clear, I really can't describe how much I've matured since I've been here.   I feel like I've met my potential as I saw myself a year ago but I've only come to see a new goal even so much higher.   Like I've climbed the tallest hill only to see a bigger mountain to climb, but rather than be disappointed I feel ready and inspired.   Cya, Michael P.S. the panelist used 3 'tough' words I've studying for the GRE and I knew what they meant, haha, so maybe it can't hurt to beef up my vocabulary

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