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Sunday, May 4, 2008


I've been swept up in the optimism of Sillicon Valley.   As Larry Page put it in a recently interview on "Changing the World", Silicon Valley is one of the only places in the world where people are willing to take the risks to make the world a better place.   He went as far as saying that changing the world requires taking risks.   He outlines that Google's Earth-shattering developments come from a smaller group of risk takers. He put it bluntly, the problems these engineers are trying to solve have not been solved, no one has gone to school and learned how to solve them, we have to solve them from the ground up.   The engineers themselves are not trained to solve the problems and they're taking a great personal risk in entering an area they no nothing about when they are seasoned experts at what they're already doing. The point is that with optimism comes risk taking, and along with it a view that nothing is ever lost in taking a risk.   This is where I stand right now in terms of my long term goals.   No one is every going to say Michael, come with me, here's a step by step plan to making the world a better place, follow it and you'll do ok.   Since there's no one there,   me and others like me, have to take the first step, or the initial risk, to get the ball rolling. To get there it's going to take baby steps, like, but soon enough I will get there :). cya, Michael P.S. requires a school email address to register, the reason is that the value of the site comes from the reviews people write, and people write better reviews when they know the envrionement they're writting in and who they're writting too.   This is why people put so much personal information on facebook, because they know exactly who is seeing it and are comfortable with that. Based on feedback we will be improving the homepage on the Final release (we're in beta now) to give more insight into what's inside.  

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