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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Panel on Web 2.0 Advertising

Me, David, and Reynold attended a panel discussion on Web 2.0 Adveritsing, and how to make money in a social media environment. The speakers were truly experts in the field so it was nice to have some insight on something I'm not that familiar with.   Andre Szykier, who has applied scientific analysis to many fields, did a presentation on his recent endeavour to understand the world of internet advertising.   The presentation was very detailed and woke me up to how complicated internet advertising is.   Most of Google's innovation is driven by advertising revenues, yet the experts estimated that search revenue is only about 5% of the advertising pie, so there's lots of room for innovation in this area. I think almost everyone hates seeing internet ads, some of us even use tools like Adblock Plus to block 99% of all ads so that we never even see them anymore.   But the days of the old school banner ads are over, there is no longer a group of engineers throwing together some banner ad.   Internet advertising has become a fascinating sociological problem to solve that engineers alone can't solve. Take Facebook for example.   Facebook has a gold mine of data, yet there ads are still not right yet.   They're trying things like matching up ads to your profile, and showing friends in your advertisements.   But this isn't working, the ads on facebook are horrible, and I have lots of information in my profile for them to target me better than they are.   So the big point is that advertising on the internet is going to change in ways no one can predict, as the internet itself changes, but one thing that is guranteed is that you should be expecting more ads in the near future. cya, Michael

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