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Monday, May 26, 2008

Santa Cruz

Went to Santa Cruz today with Anuj and Alister.   It was a really nice day, not too warm, but definitely warm enough, and nice and sunny too.   Santa Cruz is a little city about 30 minutes south of Sunnyvale.   It lies right on the Pacific ocean so most of the focus is on the beach area.   We parked in "downtown" which is similar to the downtowns in all the other bay area cities... one strip about 1 mile long with a buch of little boutique stores and restaurants.   We walked up and down to see what was going on and then walked towards the beach.   One thing on the negative side is that Santa Cruz has a lot of homeless people, etc... and we saw a couple of non-sensical shouting matches on the way.   The beach area is really nice, they have a ton of beach volleyball courts :) and a decent beach.   There's a mini amusement park with a couple of roller coasters and other rides, as well as an indoor arcade and outdoor boardwalk-style games of chance.   There were lots of people walking around and it was really kind of neat.   We walked up and down, exploring randomly and then walked over to the adjacent wharf area.   The wharf has lots of resaurants all with nice views of the water and coast, we just picked one and ate there.   I also tried some of Anuj's fish and chips and confirmed I still don't really like fish, but I did enjoy my chicken sandwhich, haha. We walked back to my car and we drove home... the end So that's our day in Santa Cruz, cya, Michael

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