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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We had the VLAB event last night that I helped plan with a team led by Hiroshi Wald.   The event was on Crowdsourcing, which means to replace a job usually done by an individual in your company with the "crowd" (i.e. anyone who is willing to help).   A neat example of crowdsourcing is a company called Threadless who has members submit t-shirt designs, vote on their favourite ones (which then get made into actual t-shirts) and then buy those t-shirts.   There are so many examples of crowdsourcing I'm sure your all aware of, you probably just haven't heard the label crowdsourcing applied to them before. Anyways, the event was really, really, good.   The moderator, contributing editor to Wired Magazine, Jeff Howe (who also coined the term "crowdsourcing") was a really good moderator who knew his stuff.   Predictify did a presentation about their company, which gets the "crowd" to predict future events and acknowledges and rewards those who predicted correctly.   For a first time speaker, Mike from Predictify did a good job and explained his business model rather nicely.   The panel discussion was also very good, all the members contributed something useful to the discussion and I for the first time I actually took home a few good tips. We learnt a lot of good tips to help guide internSHARE as well.   We learnt that user's will not submit content if they feel exploited, and similarly, that users will not submit content without a reward.   Our goal will be to make sure we reward users who write reviews with some kind of compensation, whereas readers will be rewarded simply by the exclusive information they're receiving.   We brainstormed a lot of ideas and I'm very excited about where internSHARE is headed.   If anybody reading this wants to know more about internSHARE and potentially invest, email me through my resume page at   So all in all we had great speakers, we had a great planning team, and everyone really pulled together to create a great event! cya, Michael  

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