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Sunday, June 22, 2008

1 Week Left

The day I never thought would come is just around the corner... one week left at work, one week left in California, then I disappear back to Toronto without a trace.   We had a mini celebration last night we played some games, and cashed in our tickets at Dave and Busters, went out to eat, watched a movie: Kung Fu Panda, and tried to avoid the heat.   I started packing up some stuff, I'm almost ready to go. I shipped back my big stuff yesterday so my room is getting kind of empty now.   Selling my car is next, then that's i, everything's taken care of. I've already talked a bit about the last year, I think I can sum it up best with something I mentioned to someone a couple days ago.   The best memories never come from taking the easy road.   Cya, Michael  

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