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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back from Yosemite

Oh man, what a long day and a half.   P.S I'm very sore right now. We left Friday night at around 7PM, 19 of us in total, got some food and drove the 3.5 hour drive to Yosemite.   It was kind of tough fitting 5 guys into each car, but we survived.   Our hotel was the Comfort Inn in Oakhurst (about 15 min from Yosemite, 1 hour from the trails).   It's a pretty decent hotel and I would highly recommend staying there or somewhere in Oakhurst if you're going to Yosemite.   We had 3 hotel rooms which means when you do the math 6-7 people per room, and with 2 beds that means people sleep on the floor.   I volunteered since I don't really mind and I actually slept pretty well haha. The next day we woke up at 5:45 am, got ready and went for breakfast at some restaurant along the way,   which was also pretty good.   Then we drove to the park... it's a long 1 hour drive through winding roads to get to Yosemite Valley where the trails start but the view is very nice.   Moving 19 people from point A to point B with 4 cars is not as easy as it sounds so we eventually started hiking shortly after 10 am.   We took the Misty Trail to start with, which is fairly rocky and slippery but you walk right by a waterfall and it makes for great pictures.   We rested for a while at the top of the waterfall.   Then we went up some more rocky areas and made it to the half dome trail.   Half Dome is the giant dome shaped rock in my facebook pictures (see link at the end).   This trail is long and very tough, all up hill through forest, but the end result is worth it.   Eventually you have to hike/climb up a fairly steep rock (I call it mini Half Dome) and you get to this really nice resting area.   The resting area is also the base of the "cables" which you can use to climb up the real half dome and make it to the very, very, very top.   Only 4 people did the chains, the rest of us were happy with mini half dome.   Me and Tyler made it there first so I got to lie down turn on my ipod and stare at the view, sleep a little, think, and chill for almost 2 hours.   It's really an amazing feeling and makes the whole hike worth while.   Eventually everyone caught up and we took a bunch of group pictures, etc... The hike down is much less heart pounding but still tough on the feet. We took some nice pictures as the sun was setting.   We finally left at around 10:30PM.   Fuwad was driving and Aleks started getting really sick so we took it really, really slow.   As we got to the end of Yosemite we switched up drivers and I took the wheel at around 11:45pm, we somehow made it back to Mountain View at 2:00am.   We split up got our cars and drove home from Actel.   I got home took a shower, I was covered with so much dirt haha, posted some pics on facebook and then went to sleep around 4am... that's a long day! Here's our approximate mileage: Misty Trail: 2 miles (3.6 km) Half Dome: 4.5 miles (7.2 km) Half Dome on the way back: 4.5 miles (7.2 km) John Mur Trail: 4.0 miles (6.4 km) End of Trail/Back to Car: 2.0 miles (3.2 km) Total: 17 miles (27.2 km) and it total we walked up and then down 1 mile vertically Here's a link to the facebook albums (copy and paste): There's also 15 videos on facebook which only members can see Anyways, it was another great trip, extremely tiring but also extremely fun! cya, Michael  

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