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Monday, June 2, 2008

New Interns

We met the new interns today at a huge BBQ that a few of us old interns planned, there were about 50 people there all and all.   The BBQ was at Oakwood, which is the corporate housing that new Actel interns stay at for their first month.   It brought back a lot of memories going back to Oakwood, chilling in the hot tub, and listening to what the new interns thought about stuff.   It's kind of funny to see that they were thinking the same way we were when we first got here a year ago.   I guess going back to Oakwood made it feel like we haven't even been here for that long, like we got here yesterday.     A lot of old interns tell the new interns about how the year goes by so fast... then (to make things complicated) tell them how they never believed the even older interns when they told them that the year woulld go by fast.   I guess in thinking about it, I don't think the year really goes by that fast, I think it's just so fun, amazing, and life-changing that you never stop to think about how far you've come over the year.   Then when you think back if feels like you just got here, but in fact a lot of things have changed, and everyone's done really cool and unique things.   That's all for today, I'm really exhausted and going to bed pretty soon.   Be home in exactly 4 weeks. cya, Michael

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