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Monday, June 9, 2008

San Francisco Again

Hey, on the way home from San Francisco, writing from my phone. We drove in today: me, Jack, Dave, Chris, Sami, and Jack's friends Cecilia, Susan, and Lisa. It was another great experience in SF, each time we go it's always a little different. First we went to Verde Tea in Mountain View, our favourite bubble tea/drink/cheap food place. Then, off to SF. We parked downtown, and walked around for a little while near Fisherman's Warph. We went to the Wax Museum which was more fun then I thought it would be. Lisa and Cecilia will put the pics up on facebook soon. Then we walked around a bit more and went to Cold Stone's, a great ice cream place. . We ate dinner at Pier 39 and it was really nice. We finished by going down Lombard street, the famous zig zagging road. I'll post the pics and video I took on Facebook when I get home. cya, Mike

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