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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Second Last Post

Hi all, This will probably be my second last post for my California blog, I don't know yet if I'll continue blogging when I get back, or it might be less often and more random stuff that I write about.   Not much is new, I have no more TV, speakers.   I sold my car, changed all my bank account addresses, etc..., etc... so basically things are wrapped up nicely in a little box and I'm ready to come home.   I got my offer for a full time position, which I have until March 2009 to accept.   For now I'll work part time remotely a couple of hours a week at my current salary.   I guess something kind of interesting is that there was a fire at our apartment complex and a bunch of fire trucks came over.   No one was hurt, there was a little damage to a dumpster, that's about it. I'm thinking of writing a nice long post on Saturday, since I'll have nothing else to do, but for now I'll just say again: this year was great, absolutely amazing!   And I look forward to coming back and making next year a great year too. cya, Michael

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