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Friday, June 13, 2008

Silicon Valley VS Toronto

Here's my post on comparing some things in Silicon Valley against Toronto, most of them serious, some of them might be a bit funny, we'll see where this goes... Food is more expensive here than in Toronto.   This includes restaurants and grocery stores, even fruit is more expensive here than the stuff in Toronto that is imported from California.   In Toronto sales tax is 13% 15%, here tax is 8%. In Toronto basic services at all doctors' offices and all hospitals are covered by OHIP.   Here you can only go to certain doctors and hospitals depending on your insurance coverage.   Also, there is often a deductable or co pay for even basic services, even if you have insurance. Houses are more expensive here, a typical house might be around 50% more here than in Toronto.   There are more highways here than in Toronto and they have more lanes.   They also have expressways here which are like Highway 7 in Markham, they have lights and mini on ramps.   There are no left hand turns on green lights here, all left hand turns have a dedicated arrow which is not synced up with the regular green light.   It rains about 10 days a year here, all other days are perfectly sunny (in the Valley).   Toronto, well we all know the crazy weather there right now. Because of the larger population administrative stuff in the U.S. is a lot easier.   Most forms are a single page, you often don't have to send stuff in to the government and processes are more streamlined. They never talk about Canada on the news, I can only remember hearing the word Canada 2 times.   Cell phone plans are a lot cheaper here, we get ripped off in Canada.   Toronto has more of a green color to it, Silicon Valley has a gold color to it.. in terms of the way it feels haha nothing else. The temperatures over the bay area typically have a range 10C in a given day from city to city whereas in Toronto the temperature is fairly constant over the whole GTA. Politics are more of a show here, people never talk about the issues just the drama.   You vote for the person who you think has the best personality to represent the country.   There are a lot more restaurants here, like Cheesecake Factory :).   But things in the U.S. are more localized so they also don't have a lot of the chains we have in Canada.   I think things are more independent in the U.S. and in Canada things are more chain based. U.S. money is boring, Canadian money is colourful. I've never heard of a city in Canada losing it's "city" status because it was going bankrupt, this can happen here, i.e. Vallejo. Toronto has Wonderland, Bay Area has Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.   Finally, in general the atmosphere in Canada is to cherish what you have, in the U.S. it's to go out of your way to get what you don't have, hopefully things stay this way :) This is a sweeping generalizing so don't take it too seriously, I'm just trying to describe the overall feel from my perspective.   I'll try to add more when I get back to Canada and see things from the old perspective again haha Cya, Michael    

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