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Monday, July 21, 2008

Sara Carlin News Article

Hi all, whoever "all" is anymore since I haven't been blogging in a while haha I went downstairs to eat some lunch and found the Oakville Beaver (the local newspaper) lying on the table.   On the front cover was a giant picture of a girl named Sara Carlin.   After dealing with anxiety and the effects of a proscribed drug called Praxil, she committed suicide.   It's been a year since she took her life and article serves as a reminder of what happened.   I felt really bad for her family and a bit angry that this happened, I never knew the girl at all, but she was a good kid.   She was really smart, athletic, attractive, she knew where she was headed.   Her anxiety started during her last semester of high school when she felt overwhelmed with all the changes ahead of her, such as college, and she sought help from her doctor.   She was proscribed an anti-anxiety medication which was believed to have eventually pushed her over the edge.   With the article was a letter that Sara wrote to herself about how she felt lost in life and didn't know where to go. So why am I blogging about it?   I've seen first hand how quickly things change.   There are people a few years younger than me just starting college now, who have no idea the changes that lie ahead.   It's really sad how Sara was smart enough to know a little bit of what lied ahead, but rather than prepare for it, things went horribly wrong and her anxiety put her in a "downward spiral".   I doubt too many people will actually read this blog, but I really want to help in any way that I can to others who are feeling pressure in school.   I know first hand that it's very hard to face the fact that there are tons of other people like you who also want to do great things but only a few of them actually will.   In terms of engineering I'm continuously pushing myself to stand out amongst my peers, but it's very tough when you meet people smarter than you and you feel like you've hit a wall. My advice is that everyone has very unique abilities, and being the smartest isn't what will help you change the world.   You have to know you abilities, know them well, and know your weaknesses even better.   Anyone can change the world in little ways, it's not just finding a cure to a diseases or inventing something amazing, it's ok to settle for smaller stuff if luck doesn't come your way.   You have a bigger impact than you think on those around you, so put yourself in situations where you abilities can shine so you'll have the best impact possible. Cya, Michael

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