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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yay, a new post

I was driving to the train station today and on my way, the high school near my house was just getting out. There was nothing special about today, I see high school kids all the time near my house, but for some reason it just brought back old memories, maybe it was a combination of my current position and a good song on the radio at the time. I remember being in grade 12, applying to undergraduate programs, and I knew Eng-Sci was the one for me, the hardest engineering program to get into in all of Canada, what a challenge! Then I thought to myself, what are the grade 12 students of today going to do with their lives, where are they going to go? what are they going to do?

Eng-Sci has been great for me, I've grown so much intellectually and how I look at the world, and thinking that I'm barely four years older then the next generation of Eng-Sci students is scary, they have no idea what they're getting into. Now I'm in the same position again, applying to grad schools, considering jobs, thinking I "know it all", or better stated, that I'm prepared to face the challenges ahead. The truth is, that 5 years from now, I'll look back to my 4th year Eng-Sci self and thing the same things I'm thinking now... there's so much I didn't know back then.

It's amazing how we guess at what the future will be like. I mean, I'm guessing where each of my potential paths will take me and making a decision based on those guesses. Maybe grad school makes me a professor, maybe it turns me into a researcher at Google, maybe going to work turns me into a hard working programmer with a steady and stable life, maybe starting a company makes me rich, or poor. So my decision is going to be based on these guesses, and the truth is, that life will turn out nothing like I guessed. If I could perfectly predict where these roads really would take me then there would be no point in taking any road.

So what's the point? What's Mike blabbing about now? My Sociology professor might disagree to a certain degree, but the point is that we control where we want to be and where we end up, no matter where we come from, but we have no control over how we get there, that's what life is and that's supposed to be the fun part :)

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