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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fake Degress Part 2 (New TorStar Article)

Last week The Star wrote an article about a guy who makes fake degrees (amongst other things). This week they published an article 9 about some people who were caught using fake degrees who had decent jobs. The people range from down and outs looking for a leg up, to immigrants looking to validate their credentials from another country, to people who did it for ego.

The important thing that is not discussed in the article is that these people were getting away with it. They were fulfilling their job responsibilities and no one noticed that they were lacking in knowledge. So the people lied, and that's wrong, and you don't want to have employees that lie, hence they should be fired, but this discussion questions the purpose of University in general. One of my professors discussed the role of University and writes that University is a path to greater knowledge, greater understanding of the world, and lets us find a role where we can best life the rest of our lives. This professor also mentions that people with Arts degrees rarely use their degree-related knowledge in the job market and rely on the transferable skills they've developed.

I personally feel that University is what you make of it. If you do the minimum to get by, never question anything, never think of applying what you're studying to new situations then University is pointless for you. If your going because "smart people go to University" to get an Arts degree and then get a completely unrelated job, then University is pointless to you, drop out now, but a fake degree and get the same job because you're just wasting time in school. This is why a lot of those Online Universities aren't really recognized, because people know your doing it just to get the degree and not for an intrisic interest.

When people like doing something, they'll make time to do that thing, when they don't like something they make excuses. If you generally want to learn then you'll dedicate yourself to school, if you don't you'll complain the whole time through, and do the bare minimum.

What's the point? I'm saying that University is totally useless unless you make something of it. How do you make something of it? Ask Professors questions. Start up projects of your own. Join and participate in clubs related to your interests. Always think, what's the point of "this", why is is important.


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