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Monday, February 2, 2009

Actel PEY Pays Off in Good Grades

Actel Coporation hires 20 PEY interns or so every May for 13 month internships. It's a great opportunity to work for a leading-edge tech company right in the heart of Silicon Valley... which if you don't know is near San Francisco, California.

I did my PEY internship there from May 2007 to June 2008, so I've been back for a semester of school. The reason I'm writing this blog entry is to show the extra benefits of doing an internship in your field. First semester is finished (except for York students), and marks and rankings have been finalized. All of my friends who went to Actel with me had truly excellent semesters, many of them ranked in the top 20 out of almost 200 people. The rankings improved so much from third year to fourth year for this batch of Actel interns that the correlation can't be ignored.
The PEY office says that everyone who does a PEY will see their marks go up in fourth year and I belive this is true, but the fact that Actel interns' rankings increased so much relative to other students has to say something about what you learn there!

That's the end of my endorsement of Actel, to find out more about Actel or many other companies join over 2200 students at internSHARE

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